Melbourne interstate removals

Interstate Removalists Melbourne to NSW, QLD

Moving interstate to Melbourne (or from Melbourne for that matter)? Then let the friendly and efficient North Coast Removals staff take care of your move for you. Our skilled removalists have been making sure that customers get their furniture and belongings delivered safely and professionally to Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs for over 20 years, fuss-free, and at a great price too. So if ‘Interstate Removalist Melbourne’ is going through your mind like an old song lyric, do yourself a favour and call us today. Because moving to or from Melbourne has never been easier!

Start Your Melbourne Move Here

North Coast Removals is an Australian-owned company. And we make regular trips to Melbourne from Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Darwin, and we work hard to make your move to Melbourne as smooth and fuss-free as possible.

Over 20 Years’ Melbourne Removalist Experience

If you’ve been settled in one place for a while, moving interstate can seem like a huge challenge. Where do you start? What do you pack? What do you leave behind for the Salvos? Will you have room for all your stuff at your new place? How are you going to pack it all up? Will it arrive safely? And how much will it cost? At North Coast Removals we can take a lot of the stress out of your move. Our 20 years of experience and our friendly, professional team all combine to make your move as efficient and easy as possible. We deliver to Melbourne regularly and know all the ins and outs of the suburbs and its city (those hook turns don’t worry us to avoid the trams don’t worry us!) and we will always make sure your belongings arrive safe and sound. Whether you’re moving to Brunswick or St Kilda, Prahran or Carlton, Mordialloc or Frankston, the Dandenongs or the Mornington Peninsula, we can arrange your Melbourne move with efficiency and ease.

Melbourne Interstate Removals to NSW & QLD

The cost of an interstate Melbourne move depends on where you’re moving from, and how much furniture you have. Because we have such a large fleet of trucks making regular runs, our rates are extremely well-priced. You can book a truck all to yourself (and specify the time and day we load and unload your furniture). Or you can use our back-loading removalist service to share a truck, to save yourself money. Either way, you’ll be well looked after and your move will happen at a price that won’t break the bank.

Buy Packing Supplies

The sooner you start to pack up your belongings, the easier it will be to move. We all know that. But those of us that work in the removalist industry understand the procrastination that suddenly overwhelms people when faced with the enormity of packing up an entire house or apartment, because we see it all the time. When faced with the enormity of moving house, it’s human nature to suddenly find something else to do that appears far more ‘urgent’ than packing. Be it walking the dog, catching up on your favourite TV show, or just checking Facebook. When it comes to moving, it’s natural to want to anything but pack!

Still, the earlier you start packing, the easier the move will seem. And to pack correctly you will need the proper packing materials. Luckily North Coast Removals have a great range of cartons, bubble wrap, tape and wrapping paper that will make packing your goods easy. Order your tea chest cartons, book cartons, wine cartons, TV cartons, Porta-Robes and bicycle cartons from us, and we’ll deliver them to your door, ready for you to start the seemingly Sisyphean task of putting everything you own into boxes small enough to carry.

Backloading Removals Service

Backloading is a great way to save costs when you’re moving to or from Melbourne. Driving a truck that’s half empty to a destination or sending goods one way and then driving an empty truck back doesn’t make economic sense for a removalist firm. So if you don’t mind sharing a truck, or the fact that your belongings may take an extra day or two to arrive; then our backloading service is a great way to save money on your interstate move.

Moving House Has Never Been So Easy

North Coast Removals have moved the furniture of thousands of satisfied customers to Melbourne over the decades, and we can move your furniture too, efficiently and easily. Don’t stress more than you have to! Let North Coast Removals make your Melbourne move easy. Give us a call on 1300 652 326, or fill out the online quote form and we can look after everything for you.

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